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Emily Lau, a self-taught acrylic painting artist, originally from Hong Kong, now residing in Richmond, BC. Spending over 10 years in the beautiful Kootenays, she was surrounded by nature, wildlife and the most artistic human beings in this small hippie town. She was inspired by the art, culture and authentic lifestyle.


She has always loved painting but didn’t have the courage to pursue it when she was young. She always thought that people have to be very talented to become an artist. Until one day someone told her this:


” Talent is mostly a myth. Like 0.3% of people actually have talent. The only reason other people are better is from hard work usually. The word talent needs to be replaced with the word passion. Some of us have more passion and that is what separates us in most cases.”


Passion! That’s it! What has she been thinking? Being able to paint shouldn’t be a super power. It’s a skill that we all can work on.


Since then she has been making a lot of paintings and trying to understand what art truly means. She has been greatly involved in the art community. Her paintings were exhibited in local restaurants and art galleries. And she was 1 of the 10 selected ambassadors for BC Culture Days 2019/2020. Now she teaches painting and drawing in her home art studio. Emily wants to help people who were like her, who might want to give art a try but don’t know where to start, or don’t think that they’re "talented" enough. 

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